Monday, November 1, 2010

Are you new and bold enough?

With the night theme of new and bold, 70 SIFErs and non SIFErs including VIPs,
Mr. Mohd Khairi and Prof.Madya Habsah dress their best being in black and blue
on the 21st of October 2010 for an anticipated annual event.

SIFE UUM Annual Grand Dinner 2010

This member appreciation night lasted for 2 and half hours
that was officiated by En.Mohd Khairi.
The launching of SIFE ALUMNI NETWORK was
made by Aaron Lee on this particular night.

Entertainers on that night did a job well done with their wonderful voice
from the "Triangle' band and Ms.Lita and her partner Yeow Liang.

the menu for the night was a mixture of
Western plus Asian cuisine satisfying each tummy.

while others indulge themselves with the dinner.
The incoming SIFE UUM core team of 10/11 gave their pledge
in leading SIFE UUM to a better and greater future
with their newly elected president Khairun Najmi.

games turn the night filled with laughter making it even more memorable
the past and graduating SIFErs was given a token of appreciation,
messages from all the current SIFErs
the episode of the night ended with group photos to
jot down another beautiful event all together.
Greatest gratitude given to Mr.Mohd Khairi and Prof.Madya Habsah and all past and current SIFErs and non-SIFErs who attended this dinner and Kudos, to the AGM Grand Dinner committee for making an eventful night.

We Discover, We Develop, We Inspire!

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