Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SIFE World Cup

You will never BELIEVE what we just experienced on the last 3rd – 5th October 2011.

It’s a once in a lifetime. Oh, don’t be sad and moody. Here’s a gift from us, the stories of SIFE World Cup 2011.

39 countries, 2 days world-class competition.

All are competing for one ultimate title-

SIFE World Cup Champion 2011.

This year, Malaysia is honored to be the hosting country for the 11th SIFE World Cup competition. Being the heart of Asia, Malaysia is very excited to open its doors to welcome the other 37 competing SIFE teams into its multi-cultural and diversity-rich nation. The event was held on the 3rd-5th October 2011 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

SIFE World Cup competition opens it’s gate of exciting competition with the magnificent and dazzling display of cultures from all of the 37 competing team. ‘ Culture Fair’, is one of the annual event for every SIFEr to share their culture to the world. Be it origin foods, traditional games, colorful costumes, catchy dances,or musical instruments, this fair really made an impact for the SIFErs. What’s there not to try? Besides learning other countries interesting heritance, this fair also boost our spirit way up high. It’s really acts as a ground for mental and physical preparation for the real deal- the presentation of projects.

SIFE India

SIFE Korea

SIFE France

SIFE Kyrgyzstan

The Opening Ceremony went smoothly and we have the chance to see the nation’s parade. When they came on the stages, we feel proud of them.Those faces, the SIFErs, are a sign that each one of them are prepared for the competition, and they are here for their beloved country. Other than that, special events such as the Top-to-Top and Top-to-Future Top Forums were held, further enhance learning opportunities for participants.

SIFE Russia

SIFE Zimbabwe

SIFE Netherlands

We have lots of fun after the Opening Ceremony has ended. WE had an amazing KLCC Lakeside picnin, and we had lots of memories in the journey. Shopping in Times Square, Bukit Bintang, hosting dinner for SIFE Germany, observing other country team as well. Throughout the 3 days period, we feel like a whole new person.

We’ve seen the most up and down moment during this World Cup and we’re eager to share it with you guys! Nearly 3,000 students , academician and business leaders assembled during this event and from a group of 37 countries.


University of Regensburg has been named the SIFE World Cup 2011.


And here’s the placing of the universities by rank!
Second Place - Chinhoyi University of Technology from Zimbabwe
Third Place - University of Puerto Rico, Humacao from Puerto Rico
Fourth Place - University of the Valley of Guatemala from Guatemala

"I am very proud of the innovativeness and resourcefulness that SIFE teams continue to exhibit in their efforts to use business solutions to help those in need," says SIFE President and CEO Alvin Rohrs. "This year"s SIFE World Cup clearly displayed that individuals with a knowledge and passion for business can be a powerful force for change."
So people, are you SIFEd? You will never be able to see and hear, touch and feel the things we did at the the SIFE World Cup. But here’s the best part, you can be part of us! Are u interested?
C’mon. let’s join us! HOW HIGH IS UP right?

4 Generation of SIFE UUM

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